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Radical Criticality : Onomatopee 142 WE ARE THE MARKET! – achievement #11: Everyday Criticality
A collective initiative by Pablo Calderon Salazar, Amelie Lisa Derveloy, Silvia Dini Modigliani, Zeno Franchini, Giovanni Pezzato and Jeannette Petrik

Workshops: 14-18h, 23+25+27 Oct 2017
Publication release: 16-18h, 24+26+28 Oct 2017

Clausplein, Eindhoven (the square in between Onomatopee Projects and Design Academy Eindhoven)


Exploring the themes of 'Collectivity' on 23 Oct, 'Action' on 25 Oct and 'Critique' on 27 Oct, the critical analysis and discussion of contemporary issues during the events will feed into the production of three publications to be distributed on 24, 26 and 28 Oct.

Each event will be followed up by a collective dinner offered on donation for workshop participants. 'Madame Jeannette', a vegan food truck from Enschede, will prepare a delicious meal which forms part of the workshop experience.

Participation to the workshops is open to all and free of charge. The communal dinner is limited to 20 participants. Please send an email to everydaycriticality@gmail.com to register your participation. Besides, you can always drop-in!

The project

At the root of 'Radical Criticality' stands a thoroughly analytical and critical attitude which it aims to explore together with a diverse group of participants. Dialogue, discussion and critique stand at the heart of the project while examining how collectivity can evolve in multi-facetted structures of trans-disciplinary and socio-cultural diversity.

'Radical Criticality' is the initiative of seven young creative practitioners who contextualise 'Design' as the production of Everyday Politics. With 'Everyday Criticality' the initiative introduces itself and its methodology. As the project is set to evolve as a diverse platform for dialogical critique, this intervention within the framework of the Onomatopee 142 project ‘WE ARE THE MARKET!’ will provide an experimental ground for the further development of the project through Onomatopee. 'Everyday Criticality' will offer concentration and focus and intervene by offering performative collectivity.
Curator: Freek Lomme
Assistant curator: Josh Plough
Production: Lucy Rose Nixon, Mook Attanath
Made possible thanks to the generous support of the Province of Brabant, the Mondriaan Fund and the Creative Industries Fund NL.